To perform art inspired music through dedicated team work of talented young
artists and be involved in inspiring and uplifting projects to promote the appreciation of music.


After a highly successful year of monthly concertising in 2014 the Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra has now firmly established itself as a brand new young symphony orchestra to be reckoned with.

International and local instrumentalists and singers performed regularly as soloists in concerti with the orchestra. The enthusiasm of the Gauteng music lovers for these very accessible concerts was clear, judging from the steady support of the orchestra throughout the year.

85% of the running expenses of the orchestra was generated through ticket sales. 15% was sponsored by individuals and corporate and individual sponsors.


The yearning for the most beautiful music, experienced live and performed by the finest artists, is one that music-lovers worldwide share.

Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra (GPO) is the brainchild and newly winged butterfly of Brooklyn Theatre, in response to this soaring need from all lovers of beauty and art in Gauteng.

GPO was formed early 2014 as a non-profit organisation. The aim of which; not only filling a big gap in the local-such art inspired- music market, but also giving rare opportunity and employment to talented young performers.

The motivation of the GPO is very specifically to make music accessible to as wide an audience of young South Africans as possible, youngsters who would otherwise not have the means to connect with this art form so powerfully.

And last but not least; to compose inspiring performances for our loyal following of people with a taste for the finer things in life.


The GPO finds itself as a rather dramatic finishing touch to the canvas primed 21 years ago by the mother company, Salon Music, which has been staging classical concerts, promoting classical music, creating work for classical musicians and recording all of 31 CD’s since then.

Eleven years ago, Salon Music opened a classical CD/DVD shop in Brooklyn Mall and created a link to itunes for on-line classical shopping.

Five years ago the company renovated and took occupation of the Brooklyn Theatre.

Salon Music, now proudly trading as ‘Brooklyn Theatre’ has managed to become a household name in Gauteng.

We created a reputation for personal care for our patrons, and became, through our passion for stylish and accessible music an amiable instrument to enhance the music experience of connoisseurs and casual listeners alike. This resulted in a considerable database of reliable supporters who have stood by us, come what may and have taken on a social responsibility to help classical music survive in SA. The number of these customers has grown steadily and now stands at approximately 52 000 music lovers.

The GPO however, as Brooklyn Theatre’s latest venture, and the ‘non-profit’ part of the group has an identity and aims and objectives of it’s own.

  1. To stage at least 2 performances orchestral concert performances per month at Brooklyn Theatre.
  2. To fill, through quality and unique The Gauteng Philharmonic concerts, a solely missed gap for music lovers of all ages in Gauteng.
  3. To ensure that ticket sales should form the basis of the income generated to keep the orchestra afloat.
  4. To gain the support and donations of sponsors to widen it’s scope for social projects and upliftment through the art of music.
  5. To open all final Dress rehearsals to school children and students at a nominal fee.
  6. To, on an ad hoc basis, augment the orchestra for Romantic or other works, where necessary. This will also target ‘upliftment’ and aim to involve artists who could derive value and experience from playing with professionals.
Mar 2015- Easter Concert with Matthew Kieswetter[621]
Feb 2015- Gerárd Korsten Valentines Concert[773]
Dec 2014- Salon Music Christmas Concert[595]
Nov 2014- Salon Music Christmas Concert[797]
Oct 2014- OPERA GALA[582]
Jun 2014- Beethoven Fourth Piano Concerto[427]
May 2014- Vivaldi & Villa Lobos guitar concertos[286]
Apr 2014- Easter Concert April 2014[416]
Mar 2014- Mozart Harp & Flute Concerto[469]
Feb 2014- Beethoven Violin Concerto with Zanta Hofmeyr[552]
11 month period sponsor
Sponsor of Artistic Preparation- R2000 per month / R22,000 once off
Sponsor of Musician- R3000 per month / R33,000 once off
Sponsor of Conductor- R9000 per month / R99,000 once off
Sponsor of Venue- R60,000 per month / R660,000 once off
Sponsor the Orchestra- R200,000 per month / R2,200,000 once off
Combine your band with the GPO and sponsor the Orchestra for two years.
Incentives and Benefits for sponsors:
Brand awareness for the sponsors
Associated with a charity organisation that uplifts the community
Opportunity for your organisation to announce and promote your array of products and services to an influential
Meet one-on-one with a celebrity quest who may be attending, hosting or performing.
Network with VIP attendees.
Upliftment & Social responsibility - School projects, young musicians to perform in the orchestra, next to experienced musician.
Outreach - Sectional leaders to get involved in previous disadvantaged communities.
GPO members
managed by Salon Music
based at Brooklyn Theatre
Menlo Park, Pretoria
DIRECTOR: Amanda Booysen
DIRECTOR: Willem Vogel
DIRECTOR: Daniël Vos
ORCHESTRA STEWARD: Schalk van der Merwe