Saturday 28 September 18:00
Sunday 29 September 15:00

Johann Strauss II / Adolf Müller II (Music)
Victor Léon & Leo Stein (Libretto)

a semi staged Salon version with costumes and projections accompanied by the Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble

Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach (Prime Minister)
Douwe Bijkersma (baritone)

Balduin Count Zedlau (Count)
Righard Linde

Gabriele (Countess)
Teresa de Wit (mezzo)

Demoiselle Franziska Cagliari (Franzi)
Ilze Coetzee (soprano)

Pepi Pleininger
Marina Botha Spies (soprano)

Tinus Spies (tenor)

Johann Strauss (narrator)
Christopher Vale

Salon Music has, over the past 25 years, staged Salon Versions of nine Viennese operettas and many more Operetta Galas.

Johann Strauss ii is always a popular choice for entertaining theatrical fare and musical enjoyment on every level. The farcical libretto of Wiener Blut is typical of romantic operettas and happens to be one of Strauss’ many works in this genre which has survived the stringent test of time.

The magical vocal score, based on Viennese waltzes, Polkas and Marches permeating the deligthful score of Wiener Blut, bubbles forth to please and soothe the senses.

This year’s presentation of Wiener Blut will be semi-staged with projections. It is a typical Salon Music production, which is shortened and features an actor, portraying the role of Johann Strauss, who narrates the storyline.

Ticket sales:

Saturday 28 September 18:00
Sunday 29 September 15:00

Block A (Adult) - R300   Block B (Adult) - R250
Block A (Senior(60+) / Student(21-) - R270   Block B (Senior(60+) / Student(21-) - R200


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park