29 January 19:00

Building blocks for a happy, balanced child.

The significant role of Music, Brain Development, Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition in preparing a young child for their future.

Boublokke vir 'n gelukkige, gebalanseerde kind.

Die beduidende rol wat Musiek, Brein Ontwikkeling, Slaap, Oefening en Voeding speel ter voorbereiding van die jong kind se toekoms.

Speakers/Sprekers: Magdaleen Lamey, Riana Henning, Prof. Nola Dippenaar, Dr. Anton Janse van Rensburg, Martie du Plooy.

Martie du Plooy: (BA Hons Industrial Psychology, Life coach, NBI Practitioner, Psychometrist) Martie focuses on the parents of children that can change the world. Anchoring thoughts “above the line” and looking at the world with fresh pair of eyes – one of the key elements in raising positive children. She also focuses on how to raise children who love challenges; think out of the box; cope with unfair circumstances and deals with conflict in a constructive manner.

Riana Henning: Riana is `n arbeidsterapeut wat in sensoriese prosesseringsdisfunksie spesialiseer. Sy gebruik verskillende benaderingstegnieke ten einde die totale individu te behandel, insluitend, sensoriese integrasie, funksionele emosionele ontwikkeling, klankterapie en interaktiewe metronoombenadering.

Prof Nola Dippenaar: Completed a BSc and BSc Hons at the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Chemistry and Physiology, followed by an MSc in Physiology. She is presently the Chair of the SA National Pugwash Group – a division of the International Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. She has delivered papers at their Annual International Congress for the last 10 years. Her present main area of research and interest lies in the field of insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome. Her most recent publication in this area, as co-author with Prof M Haag, titled “ Dietary Fats, Fatty Acids and Insulin Resistance : short review of a multifaceted connection” in Med Sci Monitor, 2005;11:359-367 was number one in April 2006 in the downloads of Medical Science Monitor (New York based), and kept the position in the top ten for the remainder of 2006.

She has a particular interest in carnitine metabolism in children and adults and regularly gives talks to various societies, schools and parent groups on low muscle tone (hypotonia) in children and how to handle this condition.

She consults privately to companies and individuals on the physiology and biochemistry of the human body; including health aspects, all of which empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health. To this end she has established a company called “Health Insight” in April 2006, and still lectures at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria on occasions.

Magdaleen Lamey: Magdaleen fokus op die ontwikkeling van die klein kind met medium musiek en ontwerp`n musiekopvoedkundige program Musicula vir ouderomme 6 maande tot 6 jaar. Sosiale-, Taal-, Fisiese- en Kreatiwiteitsontwikkeling is maar `n paar positiewe leeruitkomste wat musiek onderrig op die kleinkind het. Verder fokus sy ook elke week op sang, spraak, ritmiese en vrye beweging, instrumentale spel en nootwaarde ontwikkeling, asook skryf, lees en interpretasie van musiek. Deur te improviseer en verbeeldingspel toe te laat word `n ryke ervaring toegevoeg wat net klank in sy suiwerste vorm kan doen! Klasse word daagliks by die Brooklyn Teater aangebied en speel die teater en die Gauteng Filharmoniese Orkes `n integrale deel, in samewerking met Musicula, om uitreik aksies en gemeenskapsprojekte na spesifiek die jong kind en hul belewing van musiek in die praktyk te bevorder.

Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg: Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg is the Chief Medical Officer of the Executive Wellbeing Company – an organisation that specialises in ensuring optimal health and performance in executives and business leaders. As a practising medical doctor and a trained metal toxicologist with a Master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition, his role extends to include the specialised fields of anti-aging medicine and the management of chronic conditions.

Dr Anton has a particular passion for sharing his broad base of knowledge in the field of wellness and longevity. He is no stranger to television and radio and has made his mark as an accomplished public speaker in South Africa. It is on this platform that Dr Anton displays his gift to energise audiences in making positive lifestyle changes. He has authored and co-authored two wellness related books and has written for a variety of South African magazines and newspapers.

Dr Anton is very involved in the wellness programmes of numerous prominent South African companies like Sasol, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard bank, South African Reserve Bank, Transnet, SARS, Total and Barloworld.

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29 January 19:00

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