Tuesday, 17 October 19:00
Cholesterol is found in every cell in the body, where it helps to produce cell membranes, hormones (like estrogen and testosterone), vitamin D and bile acids which is the final break down product of cholesterol. Cholesterol also plays a vital role in brain structure and function. We cannot live without cholesterol and thus it is a friend not a foe!
When a doctor sends off a blood sample for a “lipogram”, the two lipoproteins that are routinely reported are LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein), but what are the implications when these levels are deemed to be too high or too low? And how does it affect blood vessel walls? Are the statin drugs that are prescribed by doctors to lower cholesterol levels the best solution? What is the relationship between chronic inflammation in the body and cholesterol? Is there a link between cholesterol levels and depression, violence and aggression? How safe is the use of statin drugs described by doctors to lower cholesterol levels?
These are just a few examples of the topics that Nola will cover in her in depth talk about the role and importance of cholesterol.
History of Health Insight:
Health Insight

This company (CC) was established in April 2006 by Prof Nola Dippenaar. A physiologist by training, with a good background in medical biochemistry, and after spending many years teaching these subjects at medical schools, she decided to take a leap and establish a health coaching company. Her academic background combined with an intense interest and passionate empathy, enables her to empower individuals and groups with insight and understanding into both the normal functioning of the human body, as well as when systems go awry and pathology develops.

Heath Insight has now been in operation for 5 years and has grown from strength to strength. Although originally based in Pretoria, in January 2013 an office opened in Gardens, Cape Town and regular visits are also made to Durban. Personal consultations, corporate projects and presentations form the backbone of this company. In addition, the Geneva program has been added to the menu, whereby health coaching has taken on a much more personal side: assessing individual needs and including insight into weight loss and weight management through genetic screening.

Curriculum Vitae - Prof Nola Dippenaar
Prof Nola  Dippenaar

Completed a BSc and BSc Hons at the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Chemistry and Physiology, followed by an MSc in Physiology.

She earned a second Masters degree, this time in Biochemistry, from Cambridge University in the UK. On her return from the UK she commenced with her lecturing career at Medunsa, where she completed her PhD working in the field of essential fatty acids and cancer. She was appointed as Professor during this period.

In 1999 she moved across to the medical school at UP, where she was responsible for the integration of Physiology and Biochemistry in the undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses. She has been voted lecturer of the year by the UP medical and dental students on two occasions, and she has delivered many local and overseas papers at various conferences.

She is presently the Chair of the SA National Pugwash Group – a division of the International Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. She has delivered papers at their Annual International Congress for the last 10 years.

Her present main area of research and interest lies in the field of insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome. Her most recent publication in this area, as co-author with Prof M Haag, titled “ Dietary Fats, Fatty Acids and Insulin Resistance : short review of a multifaceted connection” in Med Sci Monitor, 2005;11:359-367 was number one in April 2006 in the downloads of Medical Science Monitor (New York based), and kept the position in the top ten for the remainder of 2006.

She has a particular interest in carnitine metabolism in children and adults and regularly gives talks to various societies, schools and parent groups on low muscle tone (hypotonia) in children and how to handle this condition.

She consults privately to companies and individuals on the physiology and biochemistry of the human body; including health aspects, all of which empowers individuals to take responsibility for their health. To this end she has established a company called “Health Insight” in April 2006, and still lectures at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria on occasions.

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Tuesday, 17 October 19:00

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