Saturday 30 May 18:00
Sunday 31 May 15:00

Christopher Stilwell Vale (baritone and actor)
in the role of Beethoven
Deirdré van Schalkwyk (soprano and actress)
in the role of the immortal beloved

Concept - Willem Vogel
Author - Richard Jurgens

Wessel van Wyk (piano)
Misha Melck (piano)

Natalie Schutte (violin)
Frederick Annandale (violin)
Ken Craig (viola)
Wernd van Staden (cello)

Most people remember the 1994 Immortal Beloved Official film about the life of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven portrayed by Gary Oldman. Apart from the fascinating story, the great attraction was the formidable soundtrack, which included some of the composer’s most beloved music, from the Moonlight Sonata to the great Fifth Symphony.

Despite much scholarship, Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved has never been conclusively identified. This ‘drama with a difference’ celebrates this central mystery of the great composer’s life. At its very core is Beethoven’s opus 65, the Concert Aria for Soprano and Orchestra, ‘Ah Perfido’ (see text below).

Six top SA musicians will perform a live soundtrack to the stage play, with chamber renditions of the soul-stirring music of the great master, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Salon Music offers you this production at Brooklyn Theatre as part of the Beethoven 250th Anniversary celebrations.


# Symphony No 5, Op. 67
# Für Elise
# Symphony No 3 In E-Flat Major, Op. 55 Eroica

# Piano Sonata No 14, Moonlight: Adagio Sostenuto
# Symphony No 6, Op. 68, Pastoral: Storm
# Piano Trio No 5 In D Major, Op. 70, No 1 Ghost

# Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61
# Piano Sonata No 8, Pathétique
# Piano Concerto No 5, Emperor (love theme, ending credits).

# Symphony No 7, Op. 92: Allegretto (Karl's theme)
# Violin Sonata in A Major Op. 47, Kreutzer:
Adagio sostenuto - Presto
# Symphony No 9, Op 125: Ode to Joy
# String Quartet No 13 in B-Flat Major, Op. 130


Thursday, 28 May 19:00

Block A (Adult) - R290   Block B (Adult) - R200
Block A (Senior (60+) / Student(21-) - R240   Block B (Senior (60+) / Student(21-) - R150


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park

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AH PERFIDO - Concert Aria opus 65.

Ah! Faithless one, perjured,
barbarous betrayer, do you leave?
And are these your last farewells?
Whoever suffered such cruel tyranny?
Go, wicked man! Go, run from me,
The wrath of the Gods you shall not escape!
If there is justice in Heaven, if there is mercy,
They will join together to punish you!
Pursuing shade, present wherever you go,
I shall see my vengeance;
I already enjoy it in my mind;
I see already lightning flashing about you.
Ah no, ah no, stop, Gods of vengeance!
Spare that heart, strike mine!
Though he has changed, I am what I was,
Through him I lived, I would die for him!

For pity, do not bid me farewell,
What shall I do without you?
You know, fair beloved,
I shall die troubled.

Ah, cruel one, you would that I die!
Have you no pity for me?
Why do you treat one who adores you
With such barbarous reward?
Tell me if in such trouble
Am I not worthy of pity?