presents a concert featuring
SPIRITUÁL KVINTET - a 7 piece Folk Band - imported from the Czech Republic courtesy of the Czech Embassy in South Africa.
Sunday 11 November 15:00

Brooklyn Theatre is proud to present a special concert featuring the oldest and most famous Folk Music group from the Czech Republic, as part of the country’s 2018 centennial Independence Celebrations.

The Folk group, Spirituál Kvintet, as the very first Czech folk group, was founded in 1960 and for 58 years of their existence recorded more than twenty albums.

The strong tradition of folk music-making in Eastern Europe has a strong following all over the world. People are charmed by e.g. Russian Folk music, Klezmer, Gypsy and other music of this kind. Appropriate adjectives to describe this art form, are exotic, earthy, rousing, nostalgic and comfortably accessible to boot.

This oldest Czech folk Group has prepared the following program for their SA visit: Folk music from Renaissance Prague (17th century), Czech and Moravian folk ballads, songs from the national revival period (19th century), other world famous song repertoire, as well as their own compositions.

The cordial collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Repbublic in March 2018, in the form of an All- Dvorak concert with the GPO, featuring the brilliant Czech cellist, Jan Pech, as well as the conductor, Jan Stvan, remains firmly and pleasantly in our memories and we look forward to this wonderful venture, to showcase some more fine Czech culture, in Brooklyn Theatre

The Musicians:

Veronika Součková - (alto)
Zdenka Tichotová - (mezzo-soprano) & small drums
Jiří Holoubek - (2nd tenor), twelve-stringed guitar & flute
Pavel Peroutka - (tenor) & double bass
Dušan Vančura - (baritone) & small drums
Jiří Cerha - (bass) & harmonica, small drums
Jiří Tichota - Voice, Spanish guitar Artistic Director

Ticket sales:

Sunday, 11 November 15:00

Block A (Adult) - R180   Block B (Adult) - R160
Block A (Senior) - R160   Block B (Senior)- R140
Children/Scholars/Students - R120  


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park


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