Friday 7 December 19:00
Sunday 9 December 15:00

Marina Botha-Spies (soprano)
Deirdré van Schalkwyk - (soprano)
Tinus Spies - (tenor)
Douwe Bijkersma (baritone)

Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble
Compilation, Direction and Arrangements - Willem Vogel

Are you starving for some charming operetta music? You can always depend on Salon Music to help you out with stylish compilations of the best music from this genre. For 25 years, we have been the only company, consistently presenting Operetta Galas and fully staged operettas in South Africa.

This time round, the programme will feature a great team of excellent young SA opera singers with much experience in this field. Willem Vogel’s excellent arrangements for the Brooklyn Theatre Salon Ensemble, will form the backbone of the production, providing accompaniment and instrumental delights, to contrast the vocal numbers.

Highlights from Viennese, French, English and American Operetta will be performed in this production. It opens with the famous Can, Can, from the Merry Widow (Léhar) , after which you will be treated to arias, duets, trios and quartets from The Gypsy Baron & Die Fledermaus (Strauss), The New Moon & Maytime Romberg) The Dancing Years (Ivor Novello) “I’ll see you again” from Bitter Sweet (Noel Coward), Paganini (Léhar), La vie Parisienne (Offenbach) and more.

The four soloists, Marina Botha-Spies (soprano Deirdré van Schalkwyk - (soprano) Tinus Spies - (tenor) Douwe Bijkersma (baritone), have all sung major operetta roles for Salon Music over the years.

This is high class live entertainment for the whole family.

“The Dress of Marina Botha-Spies is proudly sponsored by Immagika Creative Designs”


Contact Marlize Boshoff 0129931653 or email immagika@lantic.net


EnsembleCan, Can
The Merry WidowLéhar
MarinaPoor wandering one
The Pirates of PenzanceGilbert and Sullivan
DouweAls Flotter geist
The Gypsy BaronJohann Strauss
Marina & TinusYou are love
ShowboatJerome Kern
Douwe -The Desert SongJerome Kern
DeirdreDu sollst der Kaiser meine Seele sein
Der FavoritRobert Stolz
All - Why do I love you
ShowboatJerome Kern
Deirdre & AllLiebe du Himmel auf Erde
Marina, Deirdre & TinusSo muss allein
Die FledermausJohann Strauss
French OvertureOverture
Orpheus in the UnderworldOffenbach
AllLa Petite ValseHeyne
Deirdre & DouweYou'll take me to the opera
The White Hose innBenatzky
AllPackt die Liebe
Der Graf von LuxembourgLéhar
Marina & TinusSweethearts
DouweLove's Serenade
Lilac TimeSchubert
Douwe & TinusStout hearted men
The New MoonRomberg
Marina & TinusFold your wings
Glamorous NightIvor Novello
Deirdre & DouweI'll see you again
Bitter sweetNoel Coward
AllThe Red rose CafêKartner

Ticket sales:

Friday 7 December 19:00
Sunday 9 December 15:00

Block A (Adult) - R280   Block B (Adult) - R230
Block A (Senior) - R230   Block B (Senior)- R180
Children/Scholars/Students - R120  


Brooklyn Theatre (012 460 6033)
Greenlyn Village Centre
C/o Thomas Edison and 13th Streets
Menlo Park