Brooklyn Theatre integrates separate endeavours to facilitate and realise our dream of ‘Art inspired Music made Accessible’.


“We turned the sound off, became still. Tried to contemplate a world without beautiful music. People without beautiful music. And could not. Would not.” “So we imagined a theatre to which we may transport anyone. Anyone, and one day everyone, in the whole wide world- as long as they would be connected with beautiful music.”

“Brooklyn Theatre’s voice sings to you from the most beautiful country, South Africa. We thrive on innovation and then present you with imaginative ways to access the art of music. “Journey with us through our theatre to discover how we long to reach you.



An integrated bouquet of musical activities all contributing to the primary vision of promoting and ensuring the survival of classical music through income-generation.


Brooklyn Theatre, (originally trading as 'Salon Music') has successfully staged classical concerts, promoted classical music, created work for classical musicians and recorded all of 31 CD's since 1994.

We have become a household name in the 'lifestyle' and 'finer things in life' categories in Gauteng. We proud ourselves on personal care of our patrons.

We have become, through our passion for stylish and accessible music, an invaluable vehicle to enhance the music experience of connoisseurs and casual listeners alike. We have considerable number of loyal and reliable supporters who have stood by us and have taken on the social responsibility to help classical music survive in South Africa. The number of regular clients has grown steadily and now stands at approximately 52 000 music lovers.

We believe the beauty of classical music is universal and we aim to reach people everywhere through our authenticity and originality.


Our bouquet of musical activities includes:

1. Productions

Through its productions division, ‘Salon Music’, Brooklyn Theatre, is committed to maintaining high standards of excellence regarding the performance and presentation of classical music.

2. Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra

The Gauteng Philharmonic Orchestra (GPO) performs classical music through dedicated team work of talented young artists. The GPO is also involved in inspiring and uplifting projects to promote the appreciation of music.

3. Youth

We are committed to providing opportunities for education, entertainment and upliftment of the youth, through classical music.

4. Shop

Our highly respected retail outlet is our face to the public as well as an additional source of income within our company structures.

Operating a classical music store in Brooklyn Mall for 12 years, allowed us to reach out to and meet needs of music lovers and connoisseurs. Salon Music’s present retail outlet is now situated at the Brooklyn Theatre.

As the only store carrying the exclusive in-house range of over 30 CD recordings and 3 DVD recordings with the Salon Music label, the range of our products includes international recordings, sheet music, instruments and accessories. It is also a convenient ticket office for concerts.

For online shopping please visit www.classictunes.co.za.

5. Art Gallery

As an extension of our passion driven promotion of the arts, we host regular exhibitions of fine art in the theatre foyer.

6. Theatre Hire

Renting out Brooklyn Theatre supports the concept of creating various income generating business ventures within our group, to achieve financial independence in order to support artistic endeavours. Theatre hire for commercial ventures, conferences and similar activities, contributes to our promotion of classical music in the community.